Risk assessment

The use of boats will be for the sole purpose of Fly Fishing on Malham Tarn and will be restricted to experienced boat handlers holding a permit to fish. Boats may be powered, either with oars or an electric outboard motor supplied by the National Trust.

In the interests of biosecurity anglers are not permitted to use their own electric outboard motor, batteries, landing nets, drogues, fishfinders or buoyancy aids. Self-inflating buoyancy aids are supplied and must meet current regulations and must be worn and donned prior to entering the West Boathouse.

Boats must be checked for damage before use. Any damage must be immediately reported to the on duty ‘warden’.

In the event of adverse weather occurring (thunder and lightning and winds in excess of the stated threshold) whilst angling is in progress, boats must return to the West Boathouse without delay. There must be a minimum of 2 anglers and a maximum of 3 per boat.

Each boat will be provided with a fully charged two-way radio for use in case of an emergency. If a serious emergency arises whilst afloat, the boat user should radio the other boat and ask them to contact emergency services. GRID REF for centre of the Tarn is SD893668.

Each boat will be provided with a first aid kit and throwline in case of emergencies. The location of the nearest emergency access point West Boathouse, Tarn shore.

Mobile reception is usually available at Tarn House Lawn.

Any emergency vehicles will need to enter the area via East Drive (GRID REF SD904657) and not past Waterhouses.

During the online booking process anglers will be asked to confirm via a tick box that they have read and fully understand this Risk Assessment and the Terms and Conditions relating to angling on Malham Tarn.

Download a copy of the full risk assessment in a Word document: Risk Assessment 7 7 2022