Please read thoroughly before purchasing your day ticket.

Booking implies acceptance of all rules.

Fly fishing only

  • Strictly no bait, groundbait or spinning tackle or float tackle
  • Hook size limit = size 8
  • No more than 4 hooks on one cast
  • Strictly no double or treble hooks

Strictly barbless hooks only

  • Barbed hooks must be flattened. Please bring your own de-barbing pliers. Wardens may conduct random checks on the water. Flattened barbs must pass the ‘clothing test’: hook and then unhook an item of clothing smoothly and without snagging.

Catch & release only

  • All fish must be handled with the utmost care and promptly returned. Please keep fish-handling to a minimum: unhook the fish in the net and release from the net when possible

No trolling

  • Flies must be out of the water when the boat is under power or being rowed

Fishing to take place from 09:00 to 17:00

  • Call the duty warden on the 2-way radio provided or approach them on the water if you wish to cease fishing before 17:00

No bank fishing

  • If you see anyone bank fishing they will be doing so illegally – please alert a warden using the 2-way radio provided

Electric outboards only

  • Outboard and battery are provided and included in day ticket price

Do not bring and use your own drogue, net, fishfinder or life vest

  • Using your own drogue, net, fishfinder or life vest is a potential biosecurity risk
  • Drogues, nets and life vests are provided

Life vests to be worn at all times

Strictly no beaching/landing of boats unless in an emergency

  • Malham Tarn is a SSSI (site of special scientific interest) and bank access is strictly controlled

Strictly no fishing when standing

  • For safety reasons, please refrain from standing unless absolutely necessary

A current Environment Agency rod licence is required

  • Licences will be checked on arrival
  • You will not be allowed to fish without one

No fishing alone

  • Minimum of 2, maximum of 3 anglers per boat

Anglers must follow ‘Check, Clean, Dry’ protocol for all equipment prior to fishing

  • Check all your angling equipment and clothing/footwear for mud, detritus, organic matter and aquatic animals
  • Clean everything thoroughly as soon as you can, paying attention to areas that are damp or hard to access, using hot water if possible
  • Dry everything for as long as you can before using elsewhere as some invasive plants and animals can survive for over two weeks in damp conditions
  • If you deploy the anchor, please take care to remove all mud and weed before bringing the anchor back on board

Observe Out of Bounds areas – see map

No child under 18 to fish without an adult

No dogs to be brought onto the estate

All litter and waste line must be removed from boats and taken home

No firearms, catapults, bows or radios

No fires

The fishing permit does not allow the boat to be used for any commercial purposes

Only persons holding a day ticket are allowed aboard a boat

While anchoring is allowed, anglers are not encouraged to do so

Make a booking

Check availability and book your boat and day ticket in advance.

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