As many anglers will know, Malham Tarn is an example of a karst lake, a type of lake that hosts extremely rare species. Hence, a significant priority for those that manage the site is the conservation of these species through high standards of biosecurity to prevent the ingress of organisms, seeds, parasites or diseases transferred on clothing and equipment.

The following protocols are based upon recognised national guidelines underpinned by the latest scientific research. As this is an evolving field, there may be updates to these protocols over time so please check back frequently.


The following items of equipment have been identified as having the greatest biosecurity risk so we are working with the National Trust & Angling Trust to provide electric motors, drogues, batteries, throw lines, lifejackets and landing nets that are dedicated solely to Malham Tarn use. You cannot use your own.

Expectations for visiting anglers

If anglers are visiting Malham Tarn as part of an angling ‘tour’, then please consider visiting us first and other more ‘risky’ sites with known invasive species issues later on.

All equipment and clothing should be visibly clean ie free from vegetation fragments and mud in the soles of boots etc, upon arrival to site. A member of our team will check.

All anglers will follow Check, Clean, Dry – the national biosecurity guidance:

  • CHECK equipment and clothing for plant fragments or organisms that have become attached and remove them and leave them on site (ie where they came from). Seams and folds should be thoroughly examined
  • CLEAN all equipment and clothing after use, ideally by soaking in hot water (50oC for >5 minutes) to kill any organisms or diseases that cannot be seen
  • DRY all equipment and clothing, ideally for 48 hours after use

For more information on angler biosecurity and invasive non native species, please see the GB Non Native Species Secretariat web-pages.

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